Images of clothes you love! (Multiple images required)

Images of clothing that mean special something to you

  • 1st winner S$300
  • 2nd winner S$200
  • 3rd winner S$100
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Contest Info:


Samsung is looking for images/videos/gifs/ boomerangs/ cinema graphs of clothing that is special to you for a reason. That's why you take special care of those clothes be it your childhood t-shirt that still fits you well or your ribbed jeans that you can't let go off. 



TOP 3 WINNERS: S$300 | S$200 | S$100

All selected videos win $150 each 

All runner up images will be licensed at $50


ACCEPTABLE FORMATS: Images, videos, gifs, cinema graphs, boomerangs

All video entries to be emailed to  , winners will be notified over email 
LICENSE: 1 year exclusive usage on Facebook by Samsung
DO: Be creative & share your personal stories
DONT: Refrain from sharing images that symbolize sex, alcohol, weapons etc 




Recent Comment / Update from client updated on 13/02/2017

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