Video brief: Footages of Women in Hijab (Multiple images required)

Dynamic Women in Hijaab

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Contest Info:

We're looking for exciting footages of dynamic women for a music video.


Potential dynamic women scenarios:

Contact sports – martial arts like judo, tae kwon do, etc.
Performance arts – stage actress, ballerina, hip hop dance
Competitive sports – ice skating, tennis, gymnastics, track&field, surfing, skydiving, bungee jumping, equestrian
Career (non-stereotype) – sciences, robotics, advertising, stuntwoman, chef, police officer, runway model
Music – musician, lead singer, orchestra band member, DJ
Entrepreneur – gaming industry, fashion designer, jewellery maker,
Arts – painter, sculptor, installation artist, graffiti artist
Lifestyle/urban – skateboarder, breakdancer, paintball


HOW TO SUBMIT: Share a Youtube link of your existing footage to:

Shortlisted entries will be contacted and paid per clip upto SGD 500 per video depending on the length used

Multiple clips required to fill up 45 seconds of a music video




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Reference Images:

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