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To make it easier for you to find the information you need we've listed some FAQs. We will be adding more questions to help satisfy your doubts.

1. How will my images be used?

We sell your images with clients who can use your images for their social media campaigns across visual rich digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, websites etc. All the images that aren’t sold, are promoted for new briefs on your behalf. As mentioned, no license can go ahead with the photographers approval.

2.How to sign up with Photomoolah

Welcome! Turn your photos into money with a one click sign up followed by a confirmation email with a password. Complete your profile with your basic information and do upload your best images to make a cool portfolio so creatives and image buyers can view the rest of your work when viewing your submissions to their briefs. Finally start browsing the briefs, submit away!

3. Do I need to sign any document?

Every brief comes with a license agreement, by agreeing to submit your images in the contest you agree to the terms and conditions. However, should you have any questions around it our team will be happy to answer them.

4. Will my personal information be shared with anyone?

No, we respect your privacy and do not share your personal information with third party.

5. Will the image carry my ‘credit line’?

As a part of our terms of use we may, from time to time, use any image that has been uploaded to our site for marketing Photomoolah. This is good marketing for you too as we’ll credit the image with your full name and a link to your Photomoolah portfolio whenever possible.

6. If my photo is selected, can I still give it to some other company?

As per the terms of use mentioned in the contest license agreement, every images that gets selected by the brand is given to them for exclusive use for upto 1 year only across digital media. This means that you cannot resell the image to any third party for upto the duration of the license agreement, however the image can be used to showcase your portfolio on Photomoolah platform.

7. Does the photo become the property of the company?

Photomoolah is only sub licensing the phtoographers image to its client, we do not own any copyrights. Copyrights are with the photographer. The company can use the selected image across social media only.

8. If yes, for how long? Upto 1 year

9. What if I have already given permission to a person or company to use the image that has been selected?

Here we need to write that it is unethical to share an image that has already been selected by another brand for photomoolah contests. If any legality issues happen, Photomoolah bears no responsibility and the photographer will face legal penalty.

10. Will I be paid?

Yes, photographer get paid per image that gets selected by the client.

11. In which currency will I be paid?

Singapore dollars as we are a Singaporean company

12. How and when will I be paid?

Payments are made to you within 60 days of the sale date via Western Union/ Bank transfer. There are a few minor rare exceptions to this rule but within 60 days is the standard.

13. How do I update my payment details?

Paste a link of the profile section for the photographer Include – Bank a/c name, bank name, branch name and address, IFSC code

14. My payment date is due but I have not received my payment.

Please write to us with your query-

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