Can you imagine your facebook feed without images?

No right ? We at Photomoolah, marry brands and photographers to create Stunning imagery in response to briefs. We are a bridge between ideas, talent and business. Image buyers post requests & photographers submit photos for prize money. It's a great service for brands that need content for facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & social media campaigns.

Why Photomoolah ?

Turn your photos into money & retain your copyrights

For Brands
  • Photomoolah is Asia's leading branded content platform Now expanding globally
  • We create slice of life photo stories, un staged & very authentic
  • We create on brand imagery, with product shots integrated
  • We create content themes for your campaigns for free.
For Photographers
  • Work for leading global brands by clicking images In response to interesting briefs
  • As a Photomoolah photographer you retain the copyright to your work
  • Get your work featured on social media pages of leading brands and earn your fair bit too
  • Kick start your journey from an amateur to a pro with Photomoolah, level up to get directly commissioned for projects through assignments
Leading Branded Photo Content creator

We're a leading platform to create images customised to the brand brief and the campaign idea. With a huge network of photographers in Asia we are now growing globally.

We create On-demand Imagery with product shots integrated

Our photographers are visual storytellers carving out a photo story of your brand's product within a visual.

We create slice of life Images, unstaged & authentic

The World’s Best Amateur Photographers create authentic & candid images of real people on demand for your brand.

We create content themes for your campaigns

Every brand needs to be a publisher on social media. To create the right content relevant for your market we help flesh out a 12 month customised theme calendar for your brand for FREE.

The people behind Photomoolah

Mahima Puri
Founder & CEO

Let's connect

Mahima Puri is our young and energetic founder. A professional photographer, digital ninja and a fearless entrepreneur.

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