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To the photographer ( your name) : ______________________________________

Address:                        ______________________________________

Phone:                           ______________________________________


From the model:  ____________________________________(name)

Address : __________________________________________________


________________________________________________ Phone :___________


Photographs taken on _____________________________ (date) at _______________________________________________




I, the model, grant you, the photographer, usage of the photographs subject to the following conditions: I understand that the photographs taken of me during this sessions can be used wholly or in part in any publication (commercial or otherwise), portfolio or public display).The photographs may be used to represent an imaginary person and any wording associated will not be attributed to me unless my name is specifically mentioned. Any special conditions on usage agreed between the model and photographer: ______________________



Model: ____________________________________ Photographer: ____________

both parties to sign here to agree these special conditions. I acknowledge that by signing this form, subject to the usage restrictions above, I give up all claim of ownership of the photographs, and assign copyright to the photographer named above. No further payment will be due. Use of the

photographs may be granted to third parties, however the photographs will remain the property of the photographer.


I have read this form carefully and  fully understand the implications. I am 18 years old or over.


Date: ___________


If the model is under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign:

Parent/guardian: ________________________________

Date : ____________

Address :________________________________________________________

________________________________________________ Phone: _________


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