Girish JainIndia

I started photography as a fun activity but now it becomes a serious & interesting passion in no time. Initially I started clicking just randomly here & there,but soon I (& my friends of course) realized that I got some sense developing in me. As you see in my photographs, I never try to capture a beautiful view or subject, I click those things which I can make them look beautiful. According to me,art is present everywhere but you need to have a right perspective & intention to use it. Photography is a portable medium - It allows virtually anyone to express their creativity. As a child growing up, I was always creative. But i had difficulty finding a way to express it. I could not sing or play a musical instrument. But, photography was my medium, As soon as camera came into my life, it was something I could do well, and i went after it with a vengeance.

Total Earnings: $100

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